Jewelry Care & FAQs

Jewelry Care 

Please refrain from prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, water or moisture.
When putting on the jewelry, such as bracelets, roll onto the body as opposed to stretching to put on. 
Do not overstretch the elastic jewelry. 

Waist Bead FAQs

What are waist beads and where did they come from? 
Waist beads are an adornment from Africa. Some traditions marked this as a form of change from childhood to adulthood. They would symbolize fertility and sexuality. As this tradition has been adopted by other cultures, they can represent self empowerment, provide weight awareness and weight tracking, sensuality, femininity,  
Who can wear waist beads? 
They are for anyone, of any color, creed or origin. My waist bead creations are meant to be an inclusive journey. 
How do I tie them on?
1) Take an end in each hand and wrap the strand around your desired waist point like a belt.
TIP: Allow room for bloating, approx 1”-2” extra
2) Pull on both slip knots, this allows you room in the beads to find placement on your waist. do not cut yet!
3) Make sure there are no gaps in your waist bead strand
4) Cross the ends of your strand and create 4-5 knots until secure.
5) Cut the remaining anchor beads & use leftovers as desired.
What can/do I do with the excess strand once I’ve cut them off? 
Recycle them for your next beaded craft. You can tie the excess as an anklet. There are yours to keep.